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Family Discounts

Family discounts are only for full week camps. DAY CAMP CAMPERS AND FAMILIES DO NOT GET FAMILY DISCOUNTS.


First child pays full fee (or minus early discount); second child in family =$20.00 less than first child; third child = $30.00 less than first child; $40, etc. The discount applies to one discount per child regardless of number of weeks. A child can attend more than one week of camp. Family discounts are only for more than one child in a family. Only immediate family members are discounted.


Friend Discounts

Only for Full Week Residential Camps, Rock and Ride, or Colorado Adventure

Not for Weekends, Overnight programs, and all DayCamp programs.

If you bring a friend who has never been to Camp Lutherhoma before, you get a $30 discount! AND your friend will get a $30 discount. You both must come the same session. They MUST have not been to camp in at least 5 years! Both of you will have a great time, plus you will save money! Be sure to check the Friend Discount box on the registration form.

You can bring more than one new friend and double your discount! So, if you bring 2 new friends you will get $60, 3 new friends you will get $90, and so on. Just indicate on the form all the names on the new friend line.

The New Friend Discounts will only be credited to your account once both you and your friend have paid their deposits. If you or your friends cannot attend, we will add back that amount to your balance due. Remember the May 15th Early Registration discount deadline, too.


Early Registration Discounts
May 15th

By registering and paying at least the deposit of $50 per camper by May 15th, you will recieve the $30 Early Registration Discount. This is for ALL Full Week summer programs. After May 15th this discount will go away. We would still appreciate all balance due payments made before you arrive for your camp week.
The discount for Mommy/Daddy and Me weekend is $20 per person.

(example: Force = $430, early registration discount =$400.) This discount applies to one session per week, but can apply to several weeks per child.



In thanks to those who support the Gayle Ross Memorial Campership Fund we are able to provide the funding requested by many who cannot financially afford to send their children to camp. Our prayer is that no one should be kept from coming to camp because of financial hardship.

In order to be considered for campership funds all you have to do is call camp, talk to your Lutheran pastor about the opportunities, and fill out the campership form: Campership Fund Application. We mostly use the campership funds to help agencies send numerous kids to camp. However, we also will work with individual famiies. If you know of an agency who would benefit from these funds, please let us know. If you are an individual family seeking assistance, we will ask you to give what you can, at least the $50 deposit per camper. We trust that you will be honest with us about your needs.


RoomMate Requests

As part of the ONLINE Registration process, you will be asked if your child requests a roommate, or cabinmate.  You can request up to 2 cabinmates.  Be sure to have your cabinmate also request you.

Registration Process

Create a new account or log in with your account and password. Click on "Account Login" to start your registration.

The new registration process will take you through every step necessary, including session choices, adventure option activities, cabinmate requests, medical forms, release forms, and payments. At least a deposit of $50 per registraiton is due to complete the registration.  No registrations are processed without at least the deposit.  If you leave your registration incomplete, you can return to it and pick up where you left off at any time. Remember to register and pay at least the deposit by May 15th to receive the Early Registration Discount! After your registration is completed you will receive an email indicating the details.

You will receive a confirmation email with an attached document listing things to bring, check in times, and much more.      


Health Form Now OnLine

With the new on line registration process, you now will fill out your camper's health and medical information on line. You will be able to edit the information at any time.  If you want us to email you a copy of the completed health form request that by emailing us at  . We will have the printed Health Form at the time of registration to review with you for any changes or corrections. If you would rather just do a paper form we can provide that to you.


Other Signatures and Releases Now OnLine, Too.

The on line registration process will include a few more digital signatures from the parent or legal guardian, and some check boxes and fill in spots so we can be sure to have all the information we will need. You will see them as part of the registration process. You will have to complete the required forms on line before the registration process will be finished. Don't worry, it is actually going to make camp a safer and better experience for all.


Camp Store

Our camp store is in the building next to the deck and dining hall. The deck is where registration occurs for each summer session. So, on Sunday and Friday the store is open to parents, family and friends who want to shop for apparal and souvenirs. We also have a way that you can put money on your camper's account so they can shop during their week of camp. As part of the ONLINE registration, you will see a spot to put money into your camper's Store Card.We provide an afternoon snack of soda and candy, and an evening snack as part of the registration fee. Your camper will not need ANY cash during the week, so please be sure they do not have any.  The store will be open during the week for apparel and souvenirs.


Email Your Camper During the Week

You can send your camper emails that will be printed each day and handed out to the campers.

This function wil be active only during their week of camp. This is found on your account: on the left side is a 3 line button, select that, then select Message Center. 

You can give your family, grandparents, etc. access to that account so that they can also send emails. Do this in the Message Center by adding a Friend Account. 


Photo Gallery

You can view, and purchase, photos of your camper through SmugMug. You will be sent a link to our SmugMug account where you can view pictures, or download and print for a small fee.  This way the photos are secured, and not available to the public.


Phone Number: 918-458-0704
PO Box 1672
Tahlequah, OK 74465

Physical Address:
23197 E 742 Rd
Tahlequah, OK 74464


John Busch, Director

Erin Busch, Program Director

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Camp Lutherhoma is owned and operated by the Oklahoma District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Our mission is to nurture discipleship in Jesus Christ, in outdoor settings, which excites believers to share the love of Christ to the world.

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